1. westwingwisdom:

    The eternal question😎

    Why oh why oh why did they wait until Season 6 to cast Kristen Chenoweth. 

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    Libraries in many big cities often serve as de facto homeless shelters — a place for people living on the streets to find quiet and warmth — and it can make others, there to just check out books or videos, uncomfortable.

    KQED’s Scott Shafer reports that’s why the San Francisco Public Library has hired a full-time social worker. She spends her days roaming the library floors, keeping an eye out for regulars who look like they could use her help. And sometimes she hires the formerly homeless patrons she’s helped, like Joe Bank, to do outreach under her supervision.

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    South Africa:

    Pantsula dance

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    the new season of game of thrones looks so good

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  6. We need each other.

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  7. Right before it started raining on me (at Delaware Canal State Park)

  8. dynamicafrica:

    #EarthDay: Undeniably the most iconic symbol of South Africa’s ‘Mother City’, Table Mountain is a flat topped mountain that overlooks the second most populous city in South Africa - Cape Town.

    A Sandstone mountain with a mixture of Silurian and Ordovician rock, Table Mountain is flanked by Devil’s Peak on the left and Lion’s Head on the right and has an elevation of 1,084.6m (3,558 ft).

    The flat top of the mountain is often covered by orographic clouds, formed when a south-easterly wind is directed up the mountain’s slopes into colder air, where the moisture condenses to form the so-called “table cloth” of cloud.

    Really. Fucking. Miss.

  9. ted:

    Happy Earth Day! The stunning photos above show the Sacred Headwaters, a pristine area of protected land in a remote corner of northern British Columbia. The area is about the size of the entire state of Oregon, and only one tiny road winds through it. (For context, on the US mainland, the farthest you can get from a maintained road is about 20 miles. Oregon is 98,466 square miles.)

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    I have been saving this since last year. Happy Earth Day everyone.